The work

We all have work to do. Each one of us has the capacity to be a leader. We need to excavate the layers of patriarchy and white supremacy inside us. We need to let go of this baggage and forgive ourselves so we can create new possibilities for ourselves and the world. 


embodied leadership coaching

Everyday, each of us has the opportunity to influence and lead. Don't wait around for the title, authority or degree. You are powerful.

In big and small ways, we've been conditioned by our family and society. You don't have to be small and quiet to survive in the world.

Courage resonates deeply in the world when you give voice to your truth and stand in your power. Embodied leadership is about harnessing all parts of yourself—masculine and feminine, light and dark, anger and joy, mind, body and emotions. Bring it all to your work because it’s important be whole vs. good.

I understand that putting yourself out there is scary. It's a challenge for me too. Please remember, you are not alone.

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In-person workshops

There is a special magic when you get a dynamic group of womxn together. The insights and connections can be profound. We need spaces where we can be messy and human. We need to cultivate resilient communities by building trust through listening and embodied emotional intelligence. We need to challenge ourselves and grow together as leaders. 

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Photos by Juan Jose , Omar Lopez, and Thought Catalog on Unsplash.