The alchemy of anger


june 22, 2019
The center sf
2:00 - 4:00pm

Whether you feel overwhelmed by or disconnected from your anger, it’s important for womxn to know how to work with the energy and information it holds. Otherwise, it can come out sideways, have an impact on your health or contribute to your intense feelings of depletion.

In this two-hour interactive workshop, we’ll clarify what anger is, debunk some myths and discuss how intersections like race, sexual orientation and disability can affect womxn’s relationship with anger. You’ll learn a basic framework and some tools for transforming this strong emotion into a force for positive change in your life.

Come practice honoring your anger as a gateway to your wisdom and power in community with other womxn.

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"In the practice of belonging, anger is essential. It shows us where our disagreements are with the status quo.  It is the voice that needs to raise its volume because it feels unheard. It is up to us to listen to that voice, to dignify it first with our own attention. With enough practice, you will recognize your sacred disagreements sooner and not allow them to be swept under the rug, left to fester.

Anger can become a sword of discernment, which doesn’t lash out to hurt another but is uncompromising in its defense of boundaries, teaching others to respect you as you respect yourself…"

— Toko-pa Turner