vividly alive



I SEE YOU—just like I see the beauty of a sunrise.

I see your powerful, multi-faceted intelligence. Your desire to make a difference. Your ability to get shit done. Your hesitation when imposter syndrome shows up. Your exhaustion and your frustration. Your commitment to integrity and connection. Your need to come home to yourself.

What I offer is guidance. A success road dog, if you will. Coaching conversations, practice-based trainings, resources, inspiration, and community to support your journey.

Because now more than ever, we need resilient womxn who are fully expressed and fully embodied leaders.

Bringing our whole selves to positions of power as well as our personal relationships. Modeling both “masculine” and “feminine” qualities. Mix of right brain and left brain.

We need you in all of your glory.

We need Vividly Alive Leadership™


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Photo by Camille Minouflet on Unsplash